Dec 17, 2014

After a Slow Start, Farmers in Western Parana Pleased with Crops

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

After a slow start to planting due to dry weather during the month of October, the farmers in the municipality of Toledo in western Parana are now pleased with the development of their summer crops. According to technicians from the Department of Rural Economics (Deral), the soybean crop in the region is currently rated 25% average and 75% good with the full-season corn in the region rated 20% average and 80% good.

The soybeans near Toledo are 30% in vegetative development, 40% flowering and 30% filling pods. The full-season corn was planted earlier than the soybeans so the corn crop is more advanced with 8% in vegetative development, 40% pollinating, and 52% is filling grain.

Farmers in the state opted to reduce their full-season corn acreage in favor of planting more profitable soybeans instead. For the entire state of Parana, the full-season corn acreage declined 19% while the soybean acreage increased 3%. In the municipality of Toledo, the corn reduction was even more dramatic at 26%.

In Parana the 2014/15 soybean acreage will set a new record at 5.06 million hectares with the total soybean production in the state estimated at 17.2 million tons, which is also a new record.

Farmers in the state have been slow to forward contract their anticipated 2014/15 soybean production with only 9% of the crop sold compared to an average of 26% for this time of the year. Only 1% of the anticipated 2014/15 corn crop has been sold compared to an average of 8%. Farmers in the state still have 45% of their 2013/14 safrinha corn in storage as they wait for improved corn prices.