May 11, 2018

Farmers in Parana must Harvest all their Soybeans by May 15th

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

Farmers in Parana in southern Brazil will have until May 15th in order to make sure that all of their 2017/18 soybeans are harvested. The Soybean Free Period in Parana will then start on June 10th and extend until September 10th. During that 90-day period, all volunteer soybeans must be eliminated in fields, around storage and transportation facilities, and along roadways bordering a landowner's property. All this is in an effort to limit the spread of soybean rust from one growing season to the next.

For the upcoming 2018/19 growing season, farmers will be allowed to start planting soybeans on September 10th and they must finish planting by December 31st.

During the 2017/18 growing season, the starting and ending dates for planting soybeans in Parana were modified as part of a one-year experiment. The old starting date for planting soybeans was September 15th, but the start date was moved forward five days to September 10th to see if it would help farmers get ahead of the soybean rust disease and to allow more time to plant a second crop of corn.

The experiment did not work out very well this past growing season. Dry weather last September and October kept farmers out of the fields for an extended period of time and in fact, the State Department of Agriculture extended the soybean planting window until January 14th in order to allow enough time for farmers to finish planting their soybeans.

In the end, the soybean planting in Parana was delayed, which then delayed the soybean harvest, and that in turn delayed the planting of the safrinha corn. This year the timing turned out to be important because the late planted safrinha corn is being negatively impacted by the early onset of the dry season. In some areas of western Parana, it is approaching 6 weeks since the last significant rainfall and yield estimates for the safrinha corn crop are declining on a daily basis.

In their May Crop Report, Conab trimmed their estimate for Brazil's safrinha corn production by 0.07 million tons to 62.9 million. With the continuation of dry weather, the safrinha corn estimate is expected to decline further in subsequent reports.