Jun 20, 2024

Parana Safrinha Corn 29% Harvested, Yields are Variable

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

The Department of Rural Economics for the state of Parana (Deral) reported that 29% of the safrinha corn in the state had been harvested as of earlier this week. This represents an advance of 13% for the week. Of the remaining crop 23% is filling grain and 77% is maturing. The corn is rated 17% poor, 31% average, and 52% good. Parana is the second largest safrinha corn producing state in Brazil after Mato Grosso.

The regions where the corn harvest is most advanced include Pitanga (64%), Pato Branco (53%), Campo Mourao and Toledo (52%), Ponta Grossa (50%), and Cascavel (40%).

Corn yields in northern Parana are below expectations due to extended periods of dryness during the growing season, especially for the earlier planted corn. The hardest hit area is northwestern Parana where many farmers are harvesting their corn for silage instead of grain production and others are activating their crop insurance due to low yields.

In the west-central and western regions, early yields are good, but they are expected to decline when the harvest moves into the later maturing corn. In southern Parana, yields are better than expected due to adequate rainfall during the growing season.

Nationwide, the safrinha corn in Brazil was 21% harvested as of late last week, which is a record fast pace. Hot and dry weather in Brazil will allow for a quick dry down of the corn and a rapid harvest pace.