Jan 10, 2017

Argentine Corn Impacted by Recent Wet Weather

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

The corn crop in Argentina has also been impacted by the wet conditions, but with one big exception. Nearly all the corn that remains to be planted is in northern Argentina where the weather has not been as erratic as in central Argentina.

In their weekly report last week, the Buenos Aires Grain Exchange estimated that the 2016/17 corn crop in Argentina was 82.9% planted which leaves 840,000 hectares left to plant. Of the corn left to plant, 89% is in northern Argentina, 2% is in the core production region, and 8% is in southern Argentina. There should not be any major problems getting the remaining corn planted in northern Argentina. This number also does not include any corn that may need to be replanted.

There will be some corn acres lost due to flooding in central Argentina. The planting window for corn in central Argentina has already closed, but in an emergency, farmers might still try to replant corn until about January 20th. How much that might be lost is open to speculation, but I would estimate that it would be less than 100,000 hectares. The corn impacted the most will be the latest planted corn that was still relatively small during the recent wet episodes. In the core production areas, the corn was planted early and it is now past pollination and into grain filling, so it should be impacted less than the soybeans in the region.