Jan 06, 2014

Capacity Expands at Latin America's Largest Grain Terminal

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

America Latina Logistica (ALL) recently inaugurated seven more dump pits and 60,000 tons of more storage capacity at their grain terminal at the Intermodal Grain Complex at Rondonopolis, Mato Grosso. When the seven new dump pits are operating simultaneously they will be able to unload 70 trucks per hour or about 1,500 per day. The new unloading facilities will increase ALL's unlading capacity by 70% and hopefully avoid potential long lines of trucks waiting to unload.

In addition to ALL's terminal at the Intermodal Grain Complex at Rondonopolis, Noble's unloading and storage facilities are also in operation. Noble will operate a crushing and biodiesel facility at the complex. During 2014, other grain facilities are also expected to be built at Latin America's largest grain terminal and eventually, the complex is expected to handle 10 million tons of grain annually.

The Intermodal Grain Complex at Rondonopolis, which is located in southeastern Mato Grosso, is the current terminus of the Ferronorte Railroad, which is the only railroad serving the state. From the complex, the grain is shipped via ALL on the Ferronorte Railroad to the Port of Santos in southeastern Brazil. ALL expects to be able to load 120 rail cars at the complex every 3.5 hours during the coming harvest season

In order to avoid long lines of trucks waiting to enter the complex, ALL will also institute a system by which trucks will only be allowed into the complex if they have been issued an entrance permit. The number of permits issued will be determined by how many rail cars are available and how much storage space is free. A similar system has been in place at the Port of Paranagua for the last two years and it has essentially eliminated the long lines of trucks at the port.