Mar 10, 2021

2020/21 Argentina Soybeans in Critical Phase, Dryness Worries

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

Higher temperatures and dryer weather last week continued to impact the soybeans especially in central and southern production areas. The forecast is calling for more hot and dry conditions, so the situation is getting more precarious. Any rainfall this week may be more concentrated in the far western and northwestern areas of the country. The rainfall is most needed in western Buenos Aires and northern La Pampa provinces.

If the weather does not improve very quickly, the soybean estimates will likely decline going forward.

This is a critical time for the early planted soybeans that are in the midst of pod filling. Nationwide, the early planted soybeans are 41% filling pods. The most advanced soybeans are in the northern core and southern core areas where the soybeans are approximately 75% filling pods with a few percent of the soybeans approaching maturity.

The later planted soybeans are about 35% setting pods with a few percent starting to fill pods. There is speculation that if the weather does not improve, some of the latest planted soybeans might not even be harvested. I think it is too early to say that for sure, but it is a possibility.

The soybeans were rated 20% poor to very poor, 70% fair, and 10% good/excellent. The good/excellent percentage compares to 15% last week and 44% last year. The soil moisture for the soybeans was rated 32% short to very short and 68% favorable to optimum. The favorable to optimum percentage compares to 74% last week and 75% last year.