Apr 01, 2021

Parana Soybeans 88% Harvested, Safrinha Corn 97% Planted

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

The soybean harvest in Parana started slowly due to the delayed planting of the crop and then excessive rains at the start of the harvest. The first half of the harvest was slower than normal, but now with dryer weather, the second half of the harvest is progressing much faster.

The Department of Rural Economics (Deral) is reporting that farmers in Parana have now harvested 88% of their 2020/21 soybeans compared to 85% last year. This represents an advance of 13% for the week. With the accelerated harvest in Parana, the Brazilian soybean harvest is now over 71%complete, which is ahead of the five year average.

With the soybean harvest accelerating, farmers in Parana have now planted 97% of their intended safrinha corn crop. The corn is 25% germinating/emerging, 71% in vegetative development, and 3% pollinating. The corn is rated 1% poor, 5% average, and 94% good. The safrinha corn in the state has been planted about a month later than normal this year due to the delayed soybean harvest.

Meteorologists in Brazil are warning that the late planted safrinha corn may be impacted by potential frosts as early as the end of May. They are forecasting that southern Brazil may experience cooler than normal temperatures and dryer than normal conditions over the few months. Central Brazil is also forecasted to be dryer than normal over the next few months, but with hotter than normal temperatures.

The safrinha corn harvest in Mato Grosso will start in June and it will probably start in Parana in July.