Jan 03, 2019

2018/19 Full-Season Brazilian Corn also impacted by Dry Weather

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

The previously dry weather in southern and southeastern Brazil also impacted the full-season corn as well. In Parana, the full-season corn is probably 40% filling grain and 2-4% mature.

These percentages are just an educated guess on my part because the Department of Rural Economics (Deral) that usually reports these figures, has not issued a report for nearly three weeks. Normally, they do it on a weekly basis. In their report issued two and a half weeks ago, they rated the corn in Parana at 1% poor, 14% average, and 85% good, but I am sure the rating is now lower than that.

The full-season corn in Rio Grande do Sul is a little more advanced with 27% germinating or in early vegetative development, 18% pollinating, 45% filling grain, 9% mature, and 1% harvested. The corn in the state was starting to exhibit some moisture stress, but the rains of the past week have relieved the stress and the crop currently has a good yield potential.

Minas Gerais has the most full-season corn acreage and it is also the last state in southern Brazil to plant full-season corn. The corn in the state is generally in vegetative development, with the earliest planted corn probably already pollinated and filling grain. The recent rains have benefited the full-season corn in the state and the crop is generally rated in good condition.

A few fields of safrinha corn have probably already being planted. These first fields will be ready to be harvested maybe by early May, which is about two weeks earlier than normal. The safrinha corn planting will start to ramp up in early January as more of the soybeans are harvested.