Apr 26, 2017

Early Crop Yields in Argentina are very Encouraging

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

Several weeks ago, heavy rains in Argentina resulted in localized severe flooding primarily in the provinces of La Pampa and Buenos Aires, but outside of the flooded areas, early crop yields are reported to be very good. The Federated Agricultural States of Argentina (AFA) surveyed crop yields in 42 locations in the core production region of Argentina and they estimated that the average yield of the early planted soybeans was 3,720 kg/ha or 54 bu/ac. The average yield of the later planted soybeans was estimated at 3,100 kg/ha or 45 bu/ac. In both cases, these are very good soybean yields.

The soybean crop in the core production region is 52% harvested and the core region generally has the highest soybean yields in the country.

For the corn crop, the AFA is estimating that the early planted corn is 77% harvested and the average yield is 8,300 kg/ha or 120 bu/ac.

Since the core area is generally the highest yielding location in the country, the nationwide soybean and corn yields are expected to come in below those reported by AFA.