Feb 04, 2020

2019/20 Argentina Corn 97% Planted, 190,000 ha Left to Plant

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

Even though the weather has been sort of adequate in Argentina, some of the corn was pollinating during periods of dry weather. Therefore, I am not quite as optimistic about the corn crop in Argentina as I am about the soybeans.

The 2019/20 corn crop in Argentina is 97% planted, which means there are approximately 190,000 hectares of corn left to plant with most of that in far northern Argentina according to the Buenos Aires Grain Exchange. The corn is 52.5% pollinated, 27.3% filling grain, and 4% mature. There are probably a few fields of corn already harvested in Argentina.

The corn in general is rated 59.6% good to excellent, which is about the same as last week. The soil moisture is rated 8.4% short and 49.5% adequate to surplus, which is a little dryer than last week.