Aug 31, 2015

Brazil has 40% Market Share of World's Poultry Exports

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

Brazil is well known for producing almost as many soybeans as the United States, but what is less well known is the fact that Brazil has been the leading poultry exporter in the world for the last decade. Years of efforts to improve the quality and sanitation of poultry production and processing have paid off. Brazil now accounts for approximately 40% of the poultry exports in the world followed by the United States at 28%, the European Union at 9%, with Thailand and China tied at 4%.

Brazil now exports poultry products to more than 150 countries and the volume of exports are expected to continue increasing. According to the Ministry of Industrial Development and Exports (MDIC), in July of 2015, Brazil exported 409,800 tons of poultry, which represented an increase of 21% compared to the 337,200 tons exported in July of 2014.

In 2015, Brazil is expected to produce 13 million tons of poultry products and that is expected to increase to 13.5 million tons in 2016 (+3.8%). Currently, Brazil is the second leading poultry producer in the world after the United States. The U.S. produces 20% of the world's poultry followed by Brazil and China tied at 15% each. According to the Brazilian Agriculture and Livestock Confederation (CNA), Brazil should surpass China by the end of the year to assume sole position of second place.

Parana is the leading poultry producing state in Brazil responsible for 30% of Brazil's production and 35% of Brazil poultry exports. According to Parana Poultry Products Association (Sindiavipar), during July of 2015 there were 152 million chickens processed in the state, which is 9% more than in July of 2014.

Brazil is also one of the ten leading consuming countries of poultry. The Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA) reported that in 2015 the per capital annual consumption of poultry in Brazil is expected to be 45 kilograms, which is up from 42 kilograms in 2014.

Future poultry production in Brazil also looks positive. Research conducted by Avisite indicated that in 2019 Brazil is expected to produce 29.5 million tons of meat with poultry accounting for 50% of the total (14.9 million tons) followed by beef at 35.7% of the total (10.6 million tons) and pork at 13.9% of the total (4.1 million tons).