Nov 29, 2016

Argentina Planting - Soy Slower than Average, Corn Much Slower

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

Argentina Soybeans - The weather was good for planting last week and farmers in Argentina took advantage of the improved conditions to advance their soybean planting by 10.5%. According to the Buenos Sires Grain Exchange, the soybean planting now stands at 33.7% compared to the average of approximately 40%.

The conditions were particularly good for planting in the core production regions where the soybeans are 60 to 70% planted. In fact, over half of the soybeans planted thus far in Argentina have been in the northern core and southern core regions. In southern Argentina the soybeans are 25% to 35% planted, while in northern Argentina, they are 1% to 15% planted. The most advanced soybeans are in the 2-4 leaf stage and the crop that has emerged is rated in very good condition.

Over this past weekend there were numerous showers across much of central Argentina. In western Buenos Aires and northern La Pampa they received 1-3 inches. In Entre Rios they received 1-4 inches. In north-central Santa Fe and northern Buenos Aires they received 1-1.5 inches. The area that missed out again on the precipitation was southern Buenos Aires where it remained dry. The temperatures are expected to finally warm up after what has been a much cooler than normal planting season. The warmer temperatures will be welcomed as long as it doesn't get excessively hot.

Argentina Corn - Even though the planting conditions were more favorable last week, farmers in Argentina only advanced the corn planting by 0.8% last week. The corn planting now stands at 41% compared to the average of 49%.

In the core production regions, the corn is approximately 85% planted with 40% to 60% planted in the southern Argentina and 0% to 20% planted in the northern Argentina. These planted percentages have changed very little over the last several weeks.

The focus of the limited corn planting last week was in the provinces of Buenos Aires and La Pampa. Corn planting in the region has been very slow due to cool temperatures and in fact there were some light frosts as late as a week ago. The province of Buenos Aires plants a little less than half of the corn in Argentina.

Generally, the soil moisture is good across most of Argentina with the exception of southern Buenos Aires where additional moisture is needed. The most advanced corn in the province of Entry Rios is already pollinated or beyond and the corn in the province is rated in very good condition. In the core production areas, the corn is generally in vegetative development or early ear formation.

The development of the Argentine corn crop is going to be even more spread out than usual this year. At least 55% of the corn in Argentina will be planted during the second phase of planting which will probably start later this week. The second phase of corn planting will not end until later in January. As a result, there will be some corn in Argentina ready to harvest while some of the later corn is still being planted! In some areas of Argentina, this is the slowest corn planting on record. In past years, the later planted corn has generally done fine, but this year the corn is being planted even later than normal, which increases the risk from adverse weather.