May 30, 2018

Spring Planting in U.S. Finishing Ahead of the Average Pace

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

As of Sunday, U.S. farmers had planted 92% of their intended 2018 corn crop compared to 90% last year and 90% average. Corn emergence is now 72% compared to 70% last year and 69% average. After a slow start to this year's spring planting, the corn planting is actually finishing ahead of the average pace.

The two states with the fastest corn planting are Illinois at 100% planted (average is 94%) and Missouri also at 100% (average is 92%). The two states with the slowest corn planting are Pennsylvania at 59% planted (average is 78%) and Michigan at 64% (average is 81%).

The first corn condition rating came in very good with 79% of the crop rated good to excellent compared to 65% rated good to excellent last year.

The top five corn rated states are: Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, and Iowa. The five lowest rated corn states are: Texas, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Michigan.

U.S. farmers have planted 77% of their anticipated soybeans compared to 65% last year and 62% average. Soybean emergence is 47% compared to 34% last year and 32% average. The first soybean condition will be released next week and it too is expected to be very good.

The soybean planting is the fastest in Illinois at 90% (average is 62%), Indiana is 87% (average is 60%), and Nebraska is 87% (average is 72%). The slowest soybean planting is in Michigan at 45% planted (average is 60%) and North Carolina iat 50% (average is 42%).

As of last Sunday, the five states with the best topsoil moisture were: North Carolina, Michigan, Mississippi, Ohio, and Tennessee. The five states with the driest topsoil were: Louisiana, Kansas, North Dakota, Indiana, and Missouri.