Jan 15, 2021

Unidentified Soybean Disease Appears in Mato Grosso

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

Farmers in Mato Grosso are worried about an unidentified soybean disease that has started to appear in the municipality of Sorriso, which is Brazil's largest soybean producing municipality. Agricultural scientists are in the process of trying to identify what is suspected to be a fungal disease.

The disease causes the soybean seed to rot inside the pods. At first, scientists thought it was specific to one soybean variety, but now it appears that it is affecting three or four soybean varieties and the disease is more prevalent on soybeans that were irrigated. Currently, scientists have not been able to identify the disease or a fungicide that will control the disease which appears to be spreading.

The Rural Syndicate of Sorriso is advising farmers to check their fields for the presence of the disease and if found, to notify authorities immediately. This is another problem for farmers on top of what has already been a problematic growing season. After a delayed start to planting due to dry weather, irregular rainfall during November and December added to the problem and some farmers are now expecting their soybean yields to be down 5-10 sacks per hectare (4.4 to 8.9 bu/ac) from initial expectations.