Oct 23, 2015

Soybean Planting Passes Half Way Mark in Parana

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

Farmers in the state of Parana in southern Brazil have benefited from good planting weather this spring and have now planted more than half of their anticipated 2015/16 soybean crop. According to the Department of Rural Economics (Deral), farmers in the state have planted 51% of their soybeans which is up from 36% last week and 38% last year.

The planting progress is most advanced in the western part of the state. In fact, in the municipality of Toledo in western Parana, it is reported that 100% of the soybeans have been planted and the crop is now in vegetative development.

Parana is the second leading soybean producing state in Brazil and Deral is estimating that the state will produce 17.9 million tons of soybeans in 2015/16. If verified, that would represent an increase of 6% compared to the 16.9 million tons produced in 2014/15.

The soybean planting pace in Parana is by far the most advanced in Brazil. In contrast, the two states south of Parana, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul, have not been as fortunate and very few soybeans have been planted in those states due to excessive rainfall. Many farmers in Santa Catarina, have not been able to even start planting their soybeans due to wet weather.

On Thursday in the city of Chapeco, which is located in western Santa Catarina, strong storms accompanied by high winds and large hail caused damage to several thousand rooftops in the city. Unfortunately, the forecast is calling for above normal rainfall in southern Brazil for the next several months due to the strong El Nino in the Pacific Ocean.

Mato Grosso is the leading soybean producing state in Brazil and the soybean planting in that state is only 15% complete. In other states in central Brazil, the planting pace is even slower due to dry weather. Nationwide, the 2015/16 soybean crop is now approximately 15% planted, which is about 3% slower than average.