Jan 05, 2015

Port of Paranagua expecting Record Exports in 2015

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

As Brazilian farmers prepare to harvest another record large soybean crop, the Brazilian ports are also gearing up for record soybean exports. The Port of Paranagua, which is the second largest grain exporter in Brazil after the Port of Santos, is in the process of installing four new shiploaders in the public corridor which are expected to greatly improve operations at the port.

According to the president of the Ports of Paranagua and Antonina, Luiz Heneique Divodino, the Port of Paranagua set a new record for the month of December by exporting 982,000 tons of grain during the month, which was 31% greater than the previous record set in 2012. He also expects 2015 to be a good year for the port due to the instillation of the new shiploaders.

Two of the new shiploaders will be in berth 213. One is ready for operation and the second one will be operational in February in time for the arrival of new crop of soybeans. Each new shiploader will have the capacity to load two thousand tons per hour which is 30% more than the equipment that is being replaced. They require less down time for maintenance and they are more maneuverable resulting in a time saving of at least 15% in moving about the vessel.

Additionally, two more new shiploaders will be installed by the middle of 2015, one in berth 212 and the second in berth 214. Barring unforeseen circumstances or wetter than normal weather, the Port of Paranagua is expected to set new records for grain exports in 2015.

Corn has been the principal grain exported during December. During the month, 12,337 trucks arrived at the port carrying corn compared to 7,645 trucks during December of 2013. The total amount of corn exported from Paranagua during December was 487,000 tons compared to 219,000 tons in December of 2013. Even with the recent increase, Brazil's corn exports still lag those of 2013. Most of the corn exported during December was safrinha corn produced in the states of Parana, Mato Grosso, and Goias.

An additional 300,000 tons of corn are expected to be exported from the port during January. The primary destinations for the corn exported from Paranagua are Iran, Vietnam, South Korea, Morocco, and Japan. Other grains exported along with corn during the month of December were wheat and soybean meal.