Mar 10, 2021

2020/21 Argentina Corn 1.9% Harvested, Early Yields Disappoint

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

Recent hot and dry weather is not good news especially for the later planted corn that is in its critical reproductive phase. Rainfall is most needed in the central, eastern, and southern production areas. If the weather continues to be problematic, the Argentina corn estimates could move lower in future reports.

The 2020/21 corn crop in Argentina was 1.9% harvested late last week compared to 2.7% last year and 3.2% average. The most advanced harvest is in the core production areas where 4-6% of the corn has been harvested and early corn yields are in the range of 85 to 116 bu/ac, which are below those of last year.

The recent hotter and dryer conditions in Argentina are probably more important for the later planted corn that is not as far along in its development. The early planted corn is approximately 50% approaching maturity, whereas the later planted corn is 83% pollinating and 6% filling grain, so it needs additional moisture very quickly to maintain its yield potential.

The corn was rated 16% poor to very poor, 59% fair, and 25% good/excellent late last week. The good/excellent percentage compares to 30% last week and 50% last year. The soil moisture for the corn was rated 32% short to very short and 68% favorable to optimum. The favorable to optimum compares to 75% last week and 81% last year.