Sep 22, 2014

Brazilian Minister Opens Soybean Planting in Sorriso, Mato Grosso

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

The Brazilian Minister of Agriculture, Neri Geller, participated in a ceremony held in Sorriso, Mato Grosso last Friday marketing the opening of the 2014/15 planting season in Brazil. The Minister chose the municipality of Sorriso because it is the largest soybean producing municipality in Brazil. In fact, in 2012 the municipality was given the honorary title of "Capital of Agribusiness" in Brazil.

Brazil has a tradition of conducting these opening ceremonies for the start of planting and harvesting for the various crops in Brazil. These ceremonies are usually part of a larger educational program involving agronomists, economists, and local and national officials conducting seminars and panel discussions on various topics connected with the production of the highlighted crop.

During the 2013/14 growing season, the municipality of Sorriso, which is located in central Mato Grosso, produced 2.07 million tons of soybeans on 633,400 hectares of soybeans or 1.56 million acres. As a comparison, this is similar to the soybean acreage in Tennessee (1.58 mac), North Carolina (1.67 mac), or Kentucky (1.69 mac).

Although Conab has not yet made an official estimate of the 2014/15 Brazilian soybean crop, in its "Agriculture and Livestock Prospective" it estimated that Brazil would produce 94.86 million tons of soybeans in 2014/15 compared to the 86.7 million tons produced in 2013/14.