Jul 05, 2018

Mexico poised to start Importing Brazilian Pork

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

The governor of the state of Santa Catarina recently announced that a delegation of officials from Mexico will arrive in the state within 30 days to inspect pork processing facilities in the state with the intent of formalizing phytosanitary standards needed to import pork from Brazil. Following the inspections, the governor will lead a commission to Mexico to formalize the agreements.

The state of Santa Catarina is the largest hog producing state in Brazil and the second largest poultry producer. The state also holds the unique distinction as being the only state in Brazil declared free of foot-and-mouth disease without vaccinations.

Mexico currently imports pork from the United States and Canada, but with trade tensions increasing between the United States and Mexico, Mexico is looking for alternative sources of food and grain imports and Brazil is a logical choice because Brazil is the United States' largest agricultural competitor.

Mexico is looking to import meat that adheres to the same quality standards established in the United States and Canada and the meat processing facilities in Santa Catarina meet those standards. Pork exports are following the same path as poultry exports from the state that are already sold around the world. In fact, Japan and South Korea recently opened their markets to poultry exports from Santa Catarina.