Dec 16, 2020

2020/21 Argentina Corn 47% Planted, 24% Rated Good/Excellent

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

Rainfall last week in Argentina was limited to the more norther parts of the country and the forecast for this week as well as next week looks like better chances of rain in the northern and eastern parts of the country and only light amounts in the southern and western areas of the country.

The corn was 47% planted late last week compared to 55% last year and 50.8% average. This represented an advance of 12% for the week. The most advanced corn planting is in the northern core and southern core regions where it is 85-95% planted. In southern Argentina the corn is approximately 60-70% planted while no corn has been planted in far northern Argentina.

The early corn was 63.7% planted compared to 78% average and the late corn was 30.3% planted compared to 22.6% average. Nationwide, the corn is about 7% pollinating with the most advanced corn in Entre Rios province where the corn is 49% pollinating.

Corn in Argentina is rated 14% poor to very poor, 62% fair, and 24% good to excellent. The percentage good to excellent is down 10% from last week when it was 34%. Last year, the percent of the corn rated good to excellent was 45%. The soil moisture for the corn is rated 19% short to very short and 81% favorable to optimum. The favorable to optimum percentage is down 7% from the prior week when it was 88%. Last year, the percentage rated favorable to optimum was 68%.

The Buenos Aires Grain Exchange is estimating the 2020/21 corn crop at 47.0 million tons and the USDA is estimating the crop at 49.0 million tons, which is down 1.0 million tons from last month.