Jun 03, 2020

2020 U.S. Soybean Crop 75% Planted and 52% Emerged

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

The 2020 U.S. soybeans are 75% planted compared to 36% last year and 68% average. The soybeans are 52% emerged compared to 17% last year and 44% average.

The warmer and dryer weather this week should allow for a relatively quick conclusion of the soybean planting other than the planting of the double crop soybeans following the winter wheat harvest.

The soybean planting was also extra fast in the western Corn Belt with Iowa 93% planted (81% average), Minnesota 91% (79% average), and Nebraska 88% (79% average). The soybean planting continues to be slower in the eastern Corn Belt with Ohio 55% planted (59% average), Michigan 53% (51% average), and Indiana 73% (63% average).

North Dakota also has the slowest soybean planting with 12% planted (37% average). Farmers in North Dakota were projected to plant 6,600,000 acres of soybeans in 2020. There will probably be some unplanted corn acres in North Dakota switched to soybeans instead. We are still a little more than a week away from the soybean prevent plant date for North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Nebraska, which is June 10th.

I think it is too early to say what will happen with prevent plant in the northwestern Corn Belt as well as potentially saturated areas in the eastern Corn Belt. We should probably wait for another two weeks or so before deciding what to do about prevent plant of failed soybean acres.

At this point, I am estimating the 2020 U.S. soybean acreage at 85.0 million acres and I think the soybean yields will be trend line or a little higher. Therefore, I would estimate the 2020 U.S. soybean yield in the range of 50.0 to 52.0 bu/ac.