Mar 08, 2017

Soy Crop in Paraguay 75% Harvested, Safrinha Planting Underway

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

According to the Grain and Oilseed Exporters and Merchandizers of Paraguay (Chapeco), the soybean harvest in Paraguay is now approximately 75% complete. Generally farmers are pleased with their soybean yields, but it depends on the region. In the better regions, farmers are reporting yields in the range 67 sacks per hectare (58 bu/ac). In the department of Alto Parana, some yields are being reported as high as 92 sacks per hectare (80 bu/ac).

Some areas of Paraguay such as San Pedro and Itapua suffered from a lack of rainfall during key periods, and as a result, lower yields are being reported in the range of 42 sacks per hectare (36.5 bu/ac) with a few yields as low as 20 sacks per hectare (17.5 bu/ac).

As they harvest their soybeans, farmers in Paraguay are actively planting their second crop of corn or soybeans. The safrinha crops are being planted at a normal pace, but it is too early to say if the acreage of the safrinha corn and soybean crops will surpass that of last year. The safrinha corn is planted after the soybeans are harvested with most of the safrinha soybeans planted after the first crop of soybeans are harvested.

There were 1,000,000 hectares of safrinha corn and 780,000 hectares of safrinha soybeans planted last year in Paraguay. There is more interest in soybeans this year than corn due to the better prices being offered for soybeans, but many farmers prefer to plant corn for rotational purposes. Two crops of soybeans planted back-to-back in the same field can lead to increased insect and disease pressure especially from soybean rust.