Apr 07, 2021

Argentina Soybeans 1% Harvested vs. 9.9% Average

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

Rainfall over the last several weeks has probably been enough to stabilize the soybean crop in Argentina. In fact, there has been some localized flooding in areas with the heaviest rainfall, which kept some farmers from starting to harvest their mature soybeans. The most mature soybeans are in central Argentina where the forecast for rainfall later this week. There were some low temperatures last week across some of the southern areas with maybe some patches of light frost, so going forward, that is something to watch for the soybeans.

The soybeans were 1% harvested as of the middle of last week compared to 8.1% last year and 9.9% average. The soybeans are only 1% harvested, so we can't make too much of the early yields, but there are reports of highly variable yields coming out of Cordoba. The average early yield in Cordoba is about 3,000 kg/ha (44.7 bu/ac) with a range of 1,200 to 4,500 kg/ha (17.8 to 67 bu/ac). That huge range (50 bushels) is the result of the highly variable rainfall this growing season.

The soybeans in Argentina were rated 33% poor/very poor, 59% fair, and 8% good/excellent as of the middle of last week according to the Buenos Aires Grain Exchange. The good/excellent percentage compares to 7% last week and 29% last year. The soil moisture for the soybeans was rated 28% short/very short and 72% favorable/optimum. The favorable/optimum percentage compares to 59% last week.

Early planted soybeans were 58% mature last week while the later planted soybeans were 9.8% mature. Therefore, the improved rains over the last several weeks probably were more beneficial for the later planted soybeans that were still filling pods.