Jul 07, 2015

Brazil sets new Monthly Record for Soybean and Poultry Exports

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

Brazil's Export Ministry (MDIC) indicated that exports of both soybeans and poultry set new records during the month of June. Brazilian soybean exports during June totaled 9.8 million tons, which was 5% more than during the month of May. Brazilian poultry exports during June totaled 371,000 tons or 27% more than during the month of May.

The three principal ports in Brazil for soybean exports continue to be the ports of Santos, Paranagua, and Rio Grande, but more soybeans are also starting to be exported out of ports in northern Brazil as well. MDIC indicated that the ports of Itaqui and Barcarena in northern Brazil exported 2.2 million tons more of soybeans in June of 2015 compared to June of 2014.

The amount of soybeans exported from ports in northern Brazil will continue to increase in the years ahead which has forced the ports in southern Brazil to improve their operations in order to stay competitive.

As a result, the Port of Paranagua has installed two new shiploaders this year with very positive results. Soybean export from the Port of Paranagua hit a new record during the month of June when 1.92 million tons passed through the port beating the old record of 1.81 million tons set in May of 2011. Port officials are crediting the new record to the two new shiploaders that have been installed this year at the Export Corridor. Each new shiploader has the capacity to move 2,000 tons per hour, which is 33% more than the shiploaders that were replaced. A third new shiploader is currently being installed at the Export Corridor.

At the Port of Paranagua, the total grain exports thus far in 2015 have totaled 8.48 million tons or 1% more than during the same period in 2014. A daily record for grain exports from the port was set on June 9th when 50.4 thousand tons were loaded.