Dec 10, 2014

Brazil Needs 600 More Agricultural Inspectors

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

In addition to inadequate infrastructure in Brazil, one of the problems that slows down the movement of grain out of the country is a deficit of grain inspectors at the Brazilian ports. During the last three years, 900 agricultural inspector jobs have opened up in Brazil due mainly to retirements and illness, but only 300 of those openings have been filled resulting in a deficit of 600 agricultural inspectors in Brazil.

The Minister of Agriculture recently held an open exam for new inspectors and 1,067 candidates passed the exam, but only 232 were offered positions. The syndicate representing the agricultural inspectors have indicated to the federal government that a much stronger effort must be put forth to fill all the vacant positions.

Grain exporting companies at the various Brazilian ports have long complained of a shortage of grain inspectors especially in the overnight shifts. The lack of inspectors essentially prevents the ports from working at full capacity 24 hours per day.