Feb 20, 2018

Hot and Dry Conditions Continue to Impact Argentine Corn

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

The general condition of the corn in Argentina is rated 57% poor to very poor and the soil moisture is rated 81% short to very short (see tables below). Some of the best corn condition is in northern Argentina, while some of the lowest rated corn is in north-central Santa Fe and also in Buenos Aires and La Pampa. The early-planted corn is 58% filling grain and 21% mature, while the late-planted corn is approximately 50% pollinated. The wettest soils are in northern Argentina while the driest soils are generally in southern Argentina.

The corn crop in Argentina is 1% harvested according to the Buenos Aires Grain Exchange. Early corn yields are coming in below expectations due to damage resulting from hot and dry conditions during December when the early-planted corn was pollinating. Much of the late-planted corn is also now pollinating under adverse conditions and expectations for the later planted corn are declining.

We know there has already been some damage to the early-planted corn and now the worry is the late-planted corn. Some of the late-planted corn has been experiencing hot and dry conditions ever since it was planted.