Jan 16, 2019

Argentina Soybeans Improving, Wet Weather is a Concern

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

The weather has been very wet in Argentina especially in the northern one third of the country. Unfortunately, the forecast is calling for more rain in northern Argentina. In the rest of the country, I would classify the weather as being generally favorable.

The soybeans in Argentina are 96% planted with 98% of the full-season soybean planted and 92% of the double crop soybeans planted. As of last week, there were about 700,000 hectares of soybeans left to plant in Argentina with about half of those hectares in northern Argentina. Additionally, some of the soybeans already planted will have to be replanted due to the saturated conditions. When the soybean planting will wrap up in Argentina is anybody's guess. The forecast for at least this week continues to look wet.

According to the Buenos Aires Grain Exchange, the soybeans in Argentina are generally rated 9.1% poor to very poor and 48.8% good to excellent, which is an improvement over last week. The soil moisture for the soybeans is rated 3.2% short to very short and 51.2% optimum to surplus, which is also an improvement over last week. The full-season soybeans are rated better than the double crop soybeans (51.7% good to excellent vs. 40.5%).

The full season soybeans are 42% blooming and 5% setting pods. The double crop soybeans are in vegetative development and 0.4% starting to bloom.