May 24, 2016

U.S. Corn 86% Planted vs. Average of 85%

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

U.S. farmers have planted 86% of their intended corn crop compared to 90% last year and 85% average. The planting pattern has remained consistent for the last several weeks with the fastest pace in the central Corn Belt and the slowest pace in the eastern Corn Belt. States such as Minnesota, Iowa, and Missouri are essentially done planting corn with 98%, 96%, 97% planted respectively. The slowest pace continues to be in the eastern Corn Belt with Ohio 51% planted (66% average), Indiana 62% (77% average), and Michigan 65% (72% average). The corn emergence is 60% compared to 69% last year and 55% average

In the three eastern Corn Belt states there is approximately 35 to 49% of the corn left to plant. It is already the third week of May and generally any corn planted from this point forward starts to lose some of its yield potential due to late planting. After a nice weekend, the weather later this week will be wet once again, so the eastern Corn Belt is going to be the area to watch going forward.

In some of the early planted states, the first corn condition ratings were released this week. The corn crop in Missouri is rated 75% good to excellent with 73% in Iowa and 65% in Minnesota also rated good to excellent.

The soybean crop is 56% planted compared to 56% last year and 52% average. The soybean emergence is 22% compared to 27% last year and 21% average.