May 18, 2021

2021 U.S. Corn 80% planted vs. 68% avg., Soy 61% vs. 37 avg.

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

U.S. farmers made good planting progress once again last week with 80% of the corn planted and 61% of the soybeans planted. The soybean planting is 24% ahead of average while the corn is 12% ahead of average. Planting is more advanced in the western Corn Belt compared to the eastern Corn Belt due to dryer conditions in the west and wetter conditions in the east. Planting continues to be slow in the Delta and southern Corn Belt due to wet conditions.

Corn - The 2021 U.S. corn crop is 80% planted compared to 78% last year and 68% average. The corn emergence is 41% compared to 40% last year and 35% average. Minnesota leads the way in corn planting with 95% planted (74% average), Iowa is 94% planted (81% average), South Dakota is 86% planted (53% average), Nebraska is 86% planted (77% average), and Illinois is 86% planted (71% average). Of the major states, Ohio is the only one that is behind average with 39% of the corn planted compared to 43% average.

Soybeans - The 2021 U.S. soybeans are 61% planted compared to 51% last year and 37% average. The soybean emergence is 20% compared to 16% last year and 12% average. Minnesota leads the way in soybean planting as well with 88% of the soybeans planted (47% average), Iowa is 83% planted (48% average), Nebraska is 71% planted (46% average), Illinois is 71% planted (40% average), and South Dakota is 66% planted (24% average). The soybean planting in all of the major states is ahead of average including Ohio where the soybeans are 29% planted (24% average).

Soil Moisture - The soil moisture improved last week especially across the central Corn Belt where some areas are now too wet. There were only minor improvements across the northwestern Corn Belt where the soil moisture in North Dakota is rated 81% short to very short, South Dakota is rated 63% short to very short, Minnesota is rated 51% short to very short, and Iowa is rated 34% short to very short. In the eastern Corn Belt, Michigan is the driest state with 47% of the topsoil rated short to very short.

In contrast, it's too wet in some eastern and southern states with the topsoil rated 49% surplus in Louisiana, 30% surplus in Ohio, 25% surplus in Mississippi, 24% surplus in Arkansas, 23% surplus in Missouri, 20% surplus in Illinois, and 18% surplus in Kentucky.