Sep 22, 2016

Imea Lowers Estimate of Mato Grosso Safrinha Corn Yield Again

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

In their 10th monthly assessment of the 2015/16 safrinha corn crop in Mato Grosso, the Mato Grosso Institute of Agricultural Economics (Imea) lowered their estimate of the crop once again. The statewide safrinha corn yield is now estimated at 74 sacks per hectare (68.3 bu/ac), which is down 27.8% compared to last year and down 2.2% from their previous estimate.

The hardest hit part of the state was the northeastern region when corn yields were down 62% to 39 sacks per hectare (36 bu/ac). The least impacted area was western Mato Grosso where corn yield declined 22% to 89.2 sacks per hectare (82.4 bu/ac). Imea estimates that 180,000 hectares of corn in the state were abandoned due to extremely low yields.

The safrinha corn crop in the state is generally planted from January to early March and harvested from June through August. The safrinha corn crop accounts for approximately two thirds of Brazil's total corn production. Mato Grosso is the largest safrinha corn producing state in Brazil followed by the state of Parana.