Jun 16, 2021

Corn in Parana is 1% Harvested, Winter Wheat is 85% Planted

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

Earlier this week, the Department of Rural Economics (Deral) reported that the safrinha corn in Parana is 1% in vegetative development, 19% is pollinating, 67% is filling grain, 13% is mature, and 1% is harvested. Last year at this time, the corn was 3% harvested. The safrinha corn is rated 32% poor, 45% average, and 23% good. The percentage of the corn rated good is up 1% from last week. Parana is Brazil's second largest safrinha corn producing state after Mato Grosso.

Corn harvesting is only in progress in the southern part of the state where the corn was planted earlier and escaped the dry conditions that negatively impacted the corn in the western and northern parts of the state. Early yield results from southern Parana are satisfactory. Yield losses are expected to be 30% or more for the safrinha corn planted in western and northern Parana.

Parana is Brazil's largest wheat producing state and Deral reported that 85% of the wheat has been planted, which represents an advance of 5% for the week. Last year at this time, 79% of the wheat had been planted.

The wheat is rated 5% average and 95% good compared to 82% rated good last year at this time.