Mar 23, 2017

Early Soybean Yields in Argentina are Positive

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

Farmers in Argentina are just getting started on the 2016/17 soybean harvest and some of the first yield results are very positive. The Argentine Agriculture Federation (AFA) is reporting yields as high as 5,000 kg/ha (72.5 bu/ac) in Marcos Juarez and Arteaga in the province of Cordoba. In Bell Ville, which is also on Cordoba, soybean yields are in the range of 4,800 kg/ha (60.6 bu/ac).

These are just a few of the first soybeans harvested. In the core production areas of Argentina, the general soybean harvest will begin in about a week.

The Minister of Production for the province of Santa Fe and the Stock Exchange of Santa Fe (BCSF) reported that 70% of the full-season soybeans in the province of Santa Fe are rated in good to very good condition, 20% are rated in good condition, and 10% are rated in average condition due to excess moisture earlier in the growing season. The soybeans that were replanted due to earlier flooding are in vegetative development and reported to be developing normally.

Farmers in Argentina have harvested approximately 10% of their 2016/17 corn crop and they are reporting variable yields, but generally better than what had been expected. The variability is the result of previous flooding and saturated conditions earlier in the growing season.

In the department of Rojas (Buenos Aires), corn yields are as high as 10,000 kg/ha (154 bu/ac), in Montes de Oca (Santa Fe) yields are in the range of 8,500-10,000 kg/ha (131-154 bu/ac), in Casilda (Santa Fe ), they are in the range of 9,000-9,500 kg/ha (139-146 bu/ac), in Serodino (Santa Fe) they are in the range of 8,000-9,000 (123-139 bu/ac), and in Pergamino (Buenos Aires), they are in the range of 7,500-9,500 kg/ha (116-146 bu/ac).