Oct 25, 2018

Weather in Santa Fe good for Wheat Harvest and Spring Planting

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

In their latest bulletin concerning the crop production in north-central Santa Fe, Argentina, the Commercial Exchange of Santa Fe released its first assessment of the wheat harvest in the region and the planting progress of the summer crops.

As far as the wheat harvest is concerned, harvesting activities are underway in northern Santa Fe with the minimum wheat yields in the range of 1,600 to 1,800 kg/h (approximately 23 to 26 bu/ac) and the maximum yields in the range of 2,900 to 3,100 kg/ha (approximately 43 to 46 bu/ac). Farmers are generally pleased with their early wheat yields and the Exchange is expecting the average wheat yield in the region to surpass the historically average.

The weather in other areas of Argentina has not been as good for the wheat especially in the western parts of the production areas. Dry weather and late-season frosts are expected to trim the overall wheat yields in Argentina.

Farmers in the region are actively planting the first phase of their corn crop and their full-season soybeans as well as their rice, cotton, and grain sorghum. After the wheat harvest is complete, farmers will plant their double crop soybeans and the second phase of their corn crop. The weather northern Santa Fe has generally been favorable for planting and there is adequate to good soil moisture.