Apr 03, 2018

Argentine Drought Featured on Brazilian TV

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

The Argentine Minister of Agriculture was on Brazilian TV on Sunday saying that their last estimate had grain production in the country down 18%, but that their next estimate will be lower. They were supposed to have had already released their latest estimate, but I have not seen anything. He indicated on TV that they are preparing to help the drought impacted farmers, but that a state of emergency must be declared before they can start the process.

Brazilian TV did a long report about the drought in northern Buenos Aires province and as you would expect, some of the corn that they showed was so bad that the farmers said they were not even going to harvest it. One farmer indicated that he was going to turn his cattle out in the corn because his pastures are completely dry. The double crop soybeans were more impacted than the early planted soybeans with some of the double crop soybeans barely as tall as the wheat stubble and they have stopped growing.

The director of the National Meteorological Institute for Argentina indicated that they are expecting below normal rainfall for the next three months until "winter" sets in, which is usually the driest time of the year. Agronomists are already concerned that if the soil moisture is not recharged by sometime in May, there could be a big problem getting the winter wheat planted and germinated.