Oct 03, 2019

Soybean Planting in Rio Verde, Goias off to an Uneven Start

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

Brazilian farmers in the municipality of Rio Verde, which is located in southwestern Goias, received some rain on September 25th ranging from less than an inch to almost three inches. Those farmers who received the heavier amounts probably have enough soil moisture to now start soybean planting. Those who received the lessor amounts or no rain at all, will probably have to wait for additional moisture before starting to plant their soybeans.

According to the director Rural Syndicate of Rio Verde, approximately 3% of the intended soybeans in the region have been planted. The ideal planting window for maximum soybean yields in the region will still be open until early in November. As long as the weather during the remainder of the growing season is beneficial, soybeans planted in early November probably have a similar yield potential as soybeans planted in early October.

The farmers who are concerned about the delayed start to soybean planting are those who plan to plant a second crop of corn and especially a second crop of cotton. Any significant delays in the soybean planting could push the corn and cotton planting past their ideal planting windows.

The director is advising farmers to make sure to plant their soybeans in the best conditions possible because good planting is half the battle to producing a successful crop.

The current soybean price in the region is in the range of R$ 75.00 per sack (approximately $8.55 per bushel). Farmers in the region are hesitant to forward contract too much of their soybeans because of the uncertainty surrounding their production and the currency exchange rate between the Brazilian real and the U.S. dollar.