Sep 07, 2021

2021/22 Soybean Planting Dates in Brazil

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

The Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture published the dates for the 2021/22 growing season when farmers in various states may start planting soybeans and when they must finish planting their soybeans. These dates were established to help control soybean rust (Phakopsora pachyrhizi) from one growing season to the next. If farmers violate these dates, they can face fines and not be eligible for government programs. There remains some confusion about the starting dates especially in the state of Parana.

These dates have been modified in recent years as more data becomes available. The general change has been to push back the date by which farmers must finish planting their soybeans. For example, before the 2021/22 growing season in Mato Grosso, soybeans were not allowed to be plated after December 31st, but seed producers asked for the date to be extended so they could produce higher quality seed. They argued that planting later would ensure that the soybeans would mature when the rainy season is ending, thus producing higher quality seed. They were successful with their argument and the last date to plant soybeans was pushed back to February 3rd.

These dates are part of the National Program to Control Soybean Asian Rust (PNCFS) with the goal of reducing the number of fungicide applications and slowing the development of resistance to current fungicides. Soybean rust is the most important disease impacting soybeans and in areas where the fungus is epidemic, yield losses can vary from 10% to 90% depending on the level of control.

Below is a list when soybean planting may start and must end for the major soybean producing states in Brazil.

Soybean Planting Dates for the 2021/22 Brazilian Growing Season

StateStart Planting SoybeansEnd Planting Soybeans
ParanaSeptember 13, 2021January 31, 2022
Rio Grande do SulSeptember 13, 2021January 31, 2022
Santa Catarina September 13, 2021January 31, 2022
Mato Grosso September 16, 2021February 3, 2022
Mato Grosso do SulSeptember 16, 2021February 3, 2022
Sao Paulo September 16, 2021February 3, 2022
GoiasSeptember 25, 2021February 12, 2022
Minas Gerais September 25, 2021February 12, 2022
BahiaOctober 1, 2021February 18, 2022
Tocantins October 1, 2021February 18, 2022
Piaui (southern zone)October 1, 2021February 18, 2022