Nov 24, 2021

2021/22 Argentina Soybeans 29% Planted vs. 31.5% Average

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

Over the last several weeks, the weather in Argentina has been good enough for rapid soybean planting and to maintain the soil moisture. The weather last week across Argentina was mostly dry and the forecast for this week is calling for some rain across northern and central Argentina. Southern Argentina may receive some rain in the 6-10 day period. Temperatures are expected to be above normal across Argentina for the next 1-2 weeks. Up until this point, the temperatures have been seasonal in Argentina.

The good weather last week allowed farmers to make significant advances in planting their soybeans. As of late last week, the soybeans were 28.6% planted compared to 31.3% last year and 31.5% average according to the Buenos Aires Grain Exchange. This represents an advance of 9.8% for the week.

In the core production areas, the soybeans were approximately 50% planted with 15-30% of the soybeans planed in southern Argentina and less than 5% planted in far northern Argentina. In the core production areas, the early soybean planting should be completed in several weeks.

Below is the National Soybean Planting Progress from the Buenos Aires Grain Exchange. The 2021/22 progress is the black line, 2020/21 is the red line, and the green shaded area is the maximum and minimum for the last five years.