Jan 19, 2022

Soybeans in Parana are 4% Harvested, Corn is 1% Harvested

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

Farmers in Parana in southern Brazil have harvested 4% of the 2021/22 soybeans compared to 0% last year when the planting of the soybeans was delayed by dry weather. The early maturing soybeans in Parana were severely impacted by the prolonged drought and yields are being reported in the range of 5-20 bu/ac. Later yields are expected to be better, but the statewide soybean yield is forecasted to be down 40-50% from initial expectations.

Recent rains have partially recharged the depleted soil moisture in the state, but the rains were focused more on the eastern region of the state, while most of the grain production is in the western region of the state.

In their most recent report released earlier this week, the Department of Rural Economics (Deral) rated the soybeans in Parana as 34% poor, 33% fair, and 33% good. The soybeans were 5% in vegetative development, 19% flowering, 57% filling pods, 19% mature, and 4% harvested.

Farmers are also starting to harvest their first corn crop with very low yields being reported. Deral rated the first corn crop in Parana as 28% poor, 39% fair, and 33% good. The corn was 2% in vegetative development, 13% pollinating, 51% filling grain, 34% mature, and 1% harvested. The lowest rated corn is found in the western part of the state where the corn is rated 70-85% in poor condition.

Acreage of the first corn crop is estimated at 434,815 hectares (1.07 million acres). Acreage of the safrinha corn is estimated at 2.5 million hectares (6.1 million acres). Therefore, the first corn crop represents only 15% of the state's total corn acreage, while the safrinha crop represents 85% of the total.

Deral reported that farmers had planted 2% of their safrinha corn, but there are reports that some farmers are waiting for additional moisture before they plant their safrinha corn. Farmers in Parana could still plant their safrinha corn until about the third week of February.