Jan 25, 2022

Weather Improving for 2021/22 Soybeans in Argentina

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

The weather appears to be improving in Argentina, but some yields losses are already locked in especially for the earlier planted soybeans. The Argentina soybean estimate was left unchanged this week at 43.0 million tons and I do not foresee that number increasing going forward. If there continues to be favorable weather in Argentina, then the soybean crop has probably been stabilized.

Heavy rains over the weekend favored Cordoba, southern Santa Fe, and northern and central Buenos Aires. The rains led to major improvements in soil moisture and more rain is expected this week in the central growing areas.

Before the rains over the weekend, approximately 35% of the Pampas region had received less than 0.8 inches of precipitation thus far in January and approximately 40% of the core region was still in drought. There were more rains in central Argentina over the weekend and the forecast is calling for improved chances of rainfall this week, so the situation appears to be improving.

The prior extreme temperatures and dry conditions resulted in slow soybean growth, reduced plant populations, and increased insect pressures, but the rain did encourage late soybean planting in the northern regions. Yield losses are already locked for the earlier planted soybeans even if there is near normal rainfall during February. For the earlier planted soybeans, I think the best we can hope for is to keep the situation from getting worse.

There is still hope that the double crop soybeans could respond to improved conditions, but rain will still be needed for the remainder of the growing season.

The soybeans in Argentina were 94.8% planted as of late last week compared to 98.6% last year and 99.3% average. This represents an advance of 2.3% for the week. There are still approximately 800,000 hectares of soybeans left to plant with most of those soybeans being in northern Argentina. The early planted soybeans are approximately 20% setting pods while the double crop soybeans are 3% flowering.

The soybeans are rated 27% poor/very poor, 43% fair, and 30% good/excellent. The good/excellent percentage is down 1 point from the prior week. The soil moisture for soybeans is rated at 52% short/very short and 48% favorable/optimum. The favorable/optimum percentage is up 8 points from the prior week