Feb 09, 2022

Late Corn in Argentina Needs Good Weather in February/March

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

The rainfall last week was focused on south-central Argentina maintaining adequate soil moisture for the crops, but dryness is still lingering in northern Argentina. The 15-day forecast is calling for below normal rainfall and seasonal temperatures across a wide swath of central and northern Argentina.

Argentina is not "out of the woods" and the long-range forecast is worrisome. After weeks of hot and dry conditions, showers over the last 1-2 weeks did provide the crop a temporary reprieve, but now it looks like there is a potential for the dryness to return. The early planted corn is far along in its growth cycle and damage from the hot and dry conditions are locked in.

Yields of the later planted corn are yet to be determined. Some of the later planted corn started out under adverse conditions and the later planted corn will require good weather during February and March to reach its yield potential and it is uncertain if that will happen.

The corn in Argentina was 99.1% planted late last week which reflects an advance of 4.7% for the week. There are approximately 70,000 hectares left to plant mainly in northeastern Argentina The corn was rated 28% poor/very poor, 44% fair, and 28% good/excellent. The good/excellent percentage was down 4 points from the prior week. The soil moisture for the corn was rated 26% short/very short, 73% adequate/optimum, and 1% surplus.

The corn planted during the first phase is 40% filling grain and 12% mature. The corn planted during the second phase is 49% pollinating.