Apr 05, 2022

2021/22 Argentina Corn 14.4% Harvested vs. 7.9% Last Year

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

The most important weather event in Argentina last week was a series of frosts in the southern areas. The later planted corn was probably impacted by the frost, but it always takes a week or two to fully determine the extent of the damage.

Argentina corn was 14.4% harvested as of late last week compared to 7.9% last year and 16.8% average. This represents an advance of 4.4% for the week. Ten most advanced harvest is in the core areas where 50-60% of the corn has been harvested. In southern Argentina, less than 10% of the corn has been harvested and no corn has been harvested in far northern Argentina. The early planted corn is 30.5% harvested and the later planted corn is 1.0% mature.

Corn yields to date are averaging 6,000 kg/ha (95.4 bu/ac) which is up 5.4 bu/ac compared to the prior week. The range in corn yields is very wide from a low of 4,000 kg/ha (63.6 bu/ac) to a high of 8,200 kg/ha (130.3 bu/ac). A series of frosts last week in the southern and southwestern regions will likely have a negative impact on the late planted corn that had not yet reached maturity.

The Buenos Aires Grain Exchange left their corn estimate unchanged last week at 49.0 million tons. The Rosario Exchange is estimating the crop at 47.5 million tons and the USDA has the crop at 53.0 million tons.