May 17, 2022

2022 U.S. Planting - Corn 49% vs. 67% avg., Soy 30% vs. 39% avg.

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

Rains spread across the northwestern, central, and eastern Midwest over the weekend. The forecast is calling for rains to build across the northwestern and southern Midwest this week, which will continue to slow corn and soybean planting especially in the northwestern Corn Belt.

Corn - The 2022 U.S. corn is 49% planted compared to 78% last year and 67% average. The corn is 14% emerged compared to 38% last year and 32% average. The corn planting advanced 27% over the past week. The slowest planting continues to be in the northwestern Corn Belt where North Dakota is 4% planted (41% average), South Dakota is 31% planted (54% average), Minnesota is 35% planted (72% average), and Iowa is 57% planted (80% average).

Farmers in the eastern Corn Belt caught up somewhat with their corn planting with Illinois 55% planted (70% average), Indiana 40% planted (54% average), Ohio 31% planted (41% average), and Michigan 31% planted (41% average).

Soybeans - The 2022 U.S. soybeans are 30% planted compared to 58% last year and 39% average. The soybeans are 9% emerged compared to 19% last year and 12% average. The soybean planting advanced 18% over the past week. Soybean planting is also most delayed in the northwestern Corn Belt where North Dakota is 2% planted (24% average), South Dakota is 15% (28% average), Minnesota is 11% (47% average), and Iowa is 34% (53% average).

Farmers in the eastern Corn Belt made good progress last week planting their soybeans with Illinois 38% planted (45% average), Indiana is 28% (37% average), Ohio is 18% (25% average), and Michigan is 32% (30% average).

Soil Moisture - The warm temperatures last week helped to reduce the amount of surplus soil moisture especially in the eastern Corn Belt. Ohio was 60% surplus last week and it is 24% surplus this week, Illinois was 50% surplus last week and 17% this week, Indiana was 46% surplus last week and 19% this week.

The wettest soils are Minnesota with 35% surplus soil moisture, North Dakota with 33%, and Ohio with 24%. Iowa has 7% surplus, Indiana has 19%, Illinois has 17%, and Missouri has 17%.