May 24, 2022

2022 U.S. Plating - Corn 72% vs. 79% Avg., Soy 50% vs. 55% Avg

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

Rains over the weekend favored the southern and eastern Midwest. Temperatures turned cooler over the weekend and below normal temperatures are expected across the Midwest this week. Dryer weather forecasted for the northwestern Corn Belt this week should allow for planting to resume.

Corn - The 2022 U.S. corn is 72% planted compared to 89% last year and 79% average. This represents an advance of 23% for the week. The corn emergence is 39% compared to 61% last year and 51% average. The major area of concern continues to be the northwestern Corn Belt including North Dakota (where it snowed on Saturday), South Dakota, and Minnesota.

The corn in North Dakota is 20% planted (66% average), with South Dakota 62% planted (71% average), and Minnesota 60% planted (86% average). Iowa and Illinois recorded some of the fastest corn planting with the corn in Iowa now 86% planted (89% average) and Illinois 78% planted (78% average).

If you exclude North Dakota and Minnesota, the other major corn producing states appear to be within striking distance of completing the corn planting with only minimal delays, if the weather cooperates.

Soybeans - The 2022 U.S. soybeans are 50% planted compared to 73% last year and 55% average. This represents an advance of 20% for the week. The soybean emergence is 21% compared to 38% last year and 26% average. The northwestern Corn Belt is the main area of concern for the soybeans as well. The soybeans in North Dakota are 7% planted (47% average), South Dakota is 34% planted (47% average), and Minnesota is 32% planted (68% average).

Outside of North Dakota and Minnesota, I am not overly concerned about the delay in soybean planting. In fact, several states are ahead of average in their soybean planting such as Iowa where 69% of the soybeans are planted (67% average), Illinois is 62% planted (57% average), and Nebraska is 72% planted (69% average). With the current price incentives, farmers will continue planting soybeans up until early to mid-June.

Soil Moisture - The wettest soil moisture continues to be in the northwestern and eastern Corn Belt. The states with the highest percentage of surplus soil moisture are Minnesota with 38% surplus, Ohio with 36%, North Dakota with 33%, Indiana with 26%, and Illinois with 23%. The planting progress in Illinois and Indiana is Ok. The main area of concern is North Dakota and Minnesota where the planting is most delayed and the conditions are the wettest.