Jun 07, 2022

2022 U.S. Corn Planting 94% vs. 92% Avg., Soy 78% vs. 79% Avg.

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

Corn - The corn is 94% planted compared to 98% last year and 92% average. The corn is 78% emerged compared to 89% last year and 81% average. The slowest planting continues to be in the northwestern Corn Belt especially North Dakota with 81% planted (92% average). The two biggest producing states are doing fine with Iowa 98% planted (96% average) and Illinois 95% planted (89% average).

This is the first week for the corn condition and the corn is rated 73% good/excellent. This is a strong start for the corn crop. As a comparison, the first corn rating in 2021 was 76% good/excellent, in 2020 it was 75%, and in 2019 when planting was significantly delayed, it was 59% good/excellent. The condition rating for the first few weeks basically reflects the planting conditions and the ratings can vary quite a bit from week to week.

The top five rated corn states are: Pennsylvania, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Kentucky. The five lowest rated corn states are: Texas, Colorado, Minnesota, Kansas, and North Dakota.

Soybeans - The soybeans are 78% planted compared to 89% last year and 79% average. The soybean emergence is 56% compared to 74% last year and 59% average. The slowest soybean planting is in the northwestern Corn Belt especially North Dakota with 41% of the soybeans planted (85% average), Minnesota with 72% planted (90% average), and South Dakota with 77% planted (79% average).

The most advanced soybean planting is in the central Corn Belt with the slowest planting in the northwestern Corn Belt.

The first soybean condition rating will be issued next week and it should be similar to the corn rating. As a comparison, the first soybean rating in 2021 was 67% good/excellent, 2020 was 70% good/excellent, and 2019 when everything was delayed, it was 54% good/excellent.

Soil Moisture - The heaviest rainfall over the weekend was across the central and western Corn Belt. The forecast for this week is generally cool with periodic chances of rain. The 6-15 day forecast is calling for warmer and dryer weather across most of the Corn Belt.

The soil moisture is a little wetter than the long-term average. The five wettest states are: Ohio. Minnesota, North Dakota, Missouri, and Arkansas. The five driest states are: Louisiana, North Carolina, Nebraska, Kansas, and Mississippi.