Jun 09, 2022

Conab Increases Brazil's 2021/22 Corn Estimate to 115.2 Million tons

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

In their June Crop Report, Conab increased Brazil's 2021/22 corn estimate from 114.5 million tons in May to 115.2 million in June. The production estimates for all three corn crops in Brazil increased in June compared to May.

The safrinha corn acreage is now estimated at 16.45 million hectares (40.6 million acres), which is up 170,000 hectares from last month (420,000 acres). The safrinha corn yield declined in June to 5,348 kg/ha (85.0 bu/ac) compared to 5,384 kg/ha in May (85.6 bu/ac). The safrinha production is now estimated at 88.01 million tons compared to 87.69 million tons in May.

The first corn crop production was increased 0.14 million tons in June to 24.81 million based on improved yields. The first corn crop yield is now estimated at 5,471 kg/ha (86.9 bu/ac) compared to 5,407 kg/ha in May (85.9 bu/ac)

Recent rains in northeastern Brazil have improved the yield prospects for Brazil's third corn crop, which is planted in northeastern Brazil. Brazil's third corn crop estimate increased 0.18 million tons in June to 2.39 million compared to 2.21 million in May. The yield of the third corn crop is now estimated at 3,578 kg/ha (56.8 bu/ac) compared to 3,426 kg/ha in May (54.4 bu/ac).

Brazil's 2021/22 corn crop is now up 32.3% compared to 2020/21 or 28.2 million tons. The domestic consumption is estimated at 77.1 million tons and exports are estimated at 37.0 million tons.