Jun 14, 2022

U.S. Crop Conditions - Corn 72% Gd/Ex, Soybeans 70% Gd/Ex

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

Corn - The condition of the 2022 U.S corn crop declined 1% last week to 72% rated good to excellent. Seven states indicated that the conditions had improved last week while 9 states indicated that the conditions had declined with 2 states unchanged. Most if the improvements were found in the northern states while most of the declines were found in the central and southern states. The five highest rated corn states are: Pennsylvania, Iowa, Kentucky, Wisconsin, and Michigan. The five lowest rated corn states are: Texas, Colorado, Kansas, Minnesota, and Nebraska.

A ridge of high pressure will build over the central U.S. this week bringing with it the highest temperatures of the summer thus far. This will be a change from the generally cool temperatures the Midwest has experienced this spring. A brief period of heat is a good thing because it will jump-start the corn growth and help to dry out some of the soggy areas. A prolonged period of hot and dry weather would lead to lower soil moisture levels and increased stress on corn and soybeans.

Soybeans - The condition of the 2022 U.S. soybean crop was rated 70% good/excellent. As a comparison, the first soybean rating in 2021 was 67% Gd/Ex, 2020 was 70% Gd/Ex, and 2019 was 54% Gd/Ex. The five highest rated soybean states are: Arkansas, Kentucky, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Louisiana. The five lowest rated states are: Ohio, North Dakota, Kansas, Minnesota, and Missouri. The lowest rated states are generally due to excessive soil moisture.

Soil Moisture - The nationwide soil moisture declined slightly last week. Ten states indicated higher soil moisture last week with 7 states indicating lower soil moisture and 1 state unchanged. Most of the higher soil moistures were found in the northern and southern states while most of the lower soil moistures were found in the central states. The five wettest states are: Ohio, Arkansas, Minnesota, Missouri, and North Dakota. The five driest states are: North Carolina, South Dakota, Nebraska, Louisiana, and Kansas.