Jul 28, 2022

Safrinha Corn Yields in Eastern Goias Below Last Year

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

Farmers in the municipality of Cristalina in eastern Goias are reporting disappointing safrinha corn yields. Dry weather which started in April is especially impacting the later planted safrinha corn. In addition to dry weather, the corn in the region was also impacted by a severe infestation of corn leafhoppers which resulted in corn stunting.

Cristalina is one of the most heavily irrigated municipalities in Brazil, but even the yields of the irrigated corn ended up lower compared to last year. According to the president of the Rural Union of Cristalina/GO, irrigated yields in the region are in the range of 140 sacks per hectare (133.5 bu/ac), which is down 10 sacks per hectare (9.5 bu/ac) compared to last year.

Dryland corn yields are in the range of 50 to 60 sacks per hectare (47.7 to 57.2 bu/ac) compared to last year's yield of approximately 80 sacks per hectare (76 bu/ac).

Farmers have been very slow sellers of their recently harvested corn as they wait for improved prices they expect in October and November. Current prices are in the range of R$ 70 per sack (approximately $6.10 per bushel) and farmers are hoping for R$ 80 per sack (approximately $7.00 per bushel) in October and November.

Most of the farmers in the region are already receiving their inputs for the 2022/23 crops which they will start planting in September. The municipality is expected to plant 250,000 hectares of soybeans, 10,000 hectares of corn, 9,000 hectares of dry beans, and 8,000 hectares of cotton.