Sep 27, 2022

2022/23 Argentina Corn 3% Planted, Delayed by Dry Conditions

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

Argentina received some scattered showers earlier last week, but they were not enough to end the worst drought in decades. Many areas remained dry last week and the near-term forecast does not look encouraging. Rainfall is expected to remain limited across Argentina this week favoring far northwestern areas. Showers may become more widespread in the 6-10 day period, but amounts are expected to be light. Additionally, it has been cold in Argentina with scattered frosts as late as last week.

Farmers in Argentina had planted 3% of their corn as of late last week compared to about 8% last year. Most of the early planting has been in the provinces of Entre Rios and Santa Fe. No soybeans have been planted in Argentina yet.

Below is the corn planting progress in Argentina (black line) from the Buenos Aires Grain Exchange.