Oct 06, 2022

Rain Spurs Rapid Soybean Planting in Mato Grosso, Brazil

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

Soybean producers in Mato Grosso are taking advantage of improved rainfall to rapidly plant their 2022/23 soybeans. Going forward, the forecast continues to look favorable for additional widespread rainfall, which should continue to favor soybean planting.

Bon Futuro is one of the largest soybean producing companies in Mato Grosso and they are reporting record progress in planting their 2022/23 soybeans. They reported that 40% of their 313,000 hectares of soybeans (773,100 acres) had been planted between September 16th and September 30th, which is the fastest pace in 24 years. Early maturing soybeans have been planted first and they should be ready for harvest starting in late December or early January allowing ample time to plant a second crop of corn or cotton.

The earlier the soybeans are planted, the higher the yield potential. The director of production for Bon Futuro is expecting the 2022/23 soybeans to yield 65 to 70 sacks per hectare (58 to 62.5 bu/ac). Bon Futuro produced 316,000 hectares of soybeans in 2021/22 (780,500 acres) with an average yield of 67 sacks per hectare (59.9 bu/ac).

Mato Grosso is Brazil's largest soybean producing state followed by Parana and Rio Grande do Sul.