Oct 19, 2022

2022/23 Argentina Corn 16% Planted, Slowest in Six Years

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

The 2022/23 corn in Argentina was 16.4% planted as of late last week compared to 23.6% last year. This represented an advance of only 2.4% for the week.

The planting season in Argentina continues to get off to a problematic start. Last week was another basically dry week in Argentina and the forecast is calling for only limited coverage and intensity across much of Argentina this week. Rainfall chances improve next week, but much more rainfall is needed to replenish the soil moisture.

Many farmers in Argentina have decided not to risk planting their corn into dry soil. The first phase of corn planting in Argentina closes about the end of October, so there are only two weeks left in the planting window. At the current planting pace, the corn may only be 25-30% planted by the end of October.

That means that some of the early corn may be planted late instead or some of the early corn will be switched to soybeans. The most likely outcome is a combination of both. Below is the corn planting pace in Argentina (green line) from the Rosario Grain Exchange.